1 1/2 tbsp olive oil
100gr red onion
200gr brown rice uncooked
1litre vegetable broth
300gr spinach
200gr mushrooms
400 gr pumpkin
60 gr parmesan cheese
Pepper for taste

Wash and cut the pumpkin.Bake it for 30min.After that,peel it and cut into cubes.Let it cool.
In a pot,with the Olive oil,sautee the onion for 2-3min.
In other pot,add the stock and wait to boil.
In the pot with the onion add the rice and cook for 5min.After that add 1cup of the stock. Stir and let the rice to absorb all of the stock.
After that add all.of the stock to the rice and simmer for about 40min.After every 5-10min stir the rice.
After its cooked add the spinach to it.
In a pan fry the mushrooms with Olive oil and add to the rice.
Next to do is to add the cooked pumpkin and the parmesan.
Season with the pepper and serve on a plates.