Classic,tasty and rich in vitamins.

1 large baguette
1/2 head chopped onion
100 gr. feta cheese
1 chopped cucumber
2 sliced tomatoes
pinch of pepper
1 head red kale
1 can tuna in water(drained)
2tsp vinegar
1tsp mustard
2tsp olive oil

Cut the baguette in two.
Cut in the middle to make space for the ingredients.
Mix the cucumber,tomatoes,onion and feta cheese in a bowl.
In other bowl mix the vinegar with the mustard to make dressing.
Pour the dressing in the bowl with tomatoes,season with pepper and mix.
To assemble the sandwich,place some kale on the bottom of the baguette,on it place some of the salad with vegetables,and on top place some of the drained tuna.
Wrap the sandwich in foil and let it rest for 10min.
Unwrap and enjoy.You can cut into small sandwiches if you want.