Light and easy salad.

2 chicken breasts
1/4cup whole wheat flour
2 egg whites(beaten)
6tbsp grated parmesan cheese
seasonings of your choice
3 tomatoes
2tbsp basil
juice from 1 lemon
pinch of black pepper
2tbsp olive oil
450gr green salad

Cut the chicken into strips.Put it in a bag and knock it,to thin.
Put the flour in one bowl,the egg whites in other bowl and the parmesan in third bowl.
In the bowl with parmesan add the seasonings.
Take the strips one by one and dip it first in the flour,next in the egg withes and next in the parmesan.
Preheat a non stick pan and spray with non stick cooking spray or olive oil.Cook the chicken on the pan for 5-6min.
In a bowl,chop the tomatoes and add the basil.In other bowl,mix the lemon juice with the pepper and olive oil.Add this dressing to the bowl with tomatoes.
Divide the salad into portions and put 1-2 pieces of cooked chicken in one portion.