Really tasty and rich in fiber!

1tbsp olive oil
900gr. chicken breasts
1 onion
3 garlic cloves
1tsp salt
1tsp cumin
1/2tsp chili powder
1/4tsp cloves
1/4tsp red pepper
1800gr. canned beans(white)
780gr. chicken broth
400gr. canned corn
100gr. hot peppers
1 lime
150gr monterey cheese

Drain the canned beans.
Cut the chicken into cubes.Cut the onion into small pieces.
Preheat a large pot with olive oil in it.Add the chicken and onion.Cook for 7-8min.Add the crushed garlic and seasonings and cook for 1-2min more.
Add the stock to the pot.Stir and simmer for 25min.
After this,add the corn and chopped peppers,stir and simmer for 5min. more.
Remove the pot from the heat and squeeze the lime juice in it.
Serve in a bowls with 1tbsp of grated cheese on the top.