Classic recipe with beef.

450gr. beef fillet
300gr. whole wheat macaroni
220gr. mushrooms
1 onion
2tsp olive oil
2tbsp whole wheat flour
300ml beef broth
20gr. fresh parsley

Boil the macaroni.
Cut the fillets into pieces.
Preheat a large pot and cook the meat in it for 3-5min.Remove the meat from the pan after cooking.
In the same pot,pour the olive oil.Chop the onion and mushrooms and add to the pot.Cook for 3-5min until soft.
Add the flour to the pot.Constantly add the broth while stirring.Leave it to boil for 2-3min.
Add the cooked meat to the pot and stir eveything.
Serve with some of the boiled macaroni,and season with some salt and pepper.